Bugnet Explorer Suite 2 can be integrated in TortoiseSVN oder TortoiseGIT. This allows you to choose and link tickets for ckeck-in of source codes.

The integration of Bugnet Explorer Suite to TortoiseGIT is identical with TortoiseSVN.

How to integrate your project to TortoiseSVN.

  •  Open the "Settings" dialogue in TortoiseSVN

 Open Dialogue settings of TortoiseSVN

  • Switch to "Issue Tracking Integration" settings

Switch to the options "Issue Tracking Integration"

  •  Click on "Add" to add the Project to TortoiseSVN. Each project has to be added separately.

 Enter path to SVN Repository

  • Define the path where SVN Repository is saved.
  • Choose "Options" to set up Bugnet Explorer Suite 2

Wählen Sie das Projekt, welches Sie mit TortoiseSVN verknüpfen möchten

  • Choose the respective Project. You can as well add a new project here.
  • Close the dialogue with "Finish"

The configuration will be added as text to the project.

  • The wizard saves the set up settings in the field "Parameters"
  • Close the set up with "OK"

 At Check-In you now have a button "Choose Tickets" in the top right corner of the Check-In window. You can select the concerned tickets.